First would be Tom Cruise — $100 million+ “Top Gun: Maverick”. He received a base pay of $13 million for the “Top Gun” sequel, but this is where Cruise is still the best in the biz. He usually makes most of his money on the back end, meaning if the movie does amazing at the box office, as “Maverick” did, Cruise gets first-dollar gross. As he gets a percentage of the money the movie earns even before the studio gets a pay.

Next would be, Will Smith — $35 million for “Emancipation”. The Oscar winner still continues to get big paydays and his next check will be for the escaped-slave thriller “Emancipation,” coming to Apple TV+.

Also, Leonardo DiCaprio got $30 million for “Killers of the Flower Moon”. His latest team-up with Martin Scorsese will earn him another big check.

While, the another Oscar winner Brad Pitt will be getting behind the wheel of a race car for his next movie. It will be directed by “Top Gun: Maverick” helmer Joseph Kosinski.

Next would be, Dwayne Johnson who’ll get $22.5 million in addition to “Black Adam”. Like Cruise, Johnson gets extra incentives added to his pay. Along with a producer credit, he earns millions through promoting the movie on his social media.

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