The year 2022 is almost ending. This year has been a good and bad time in Hollywood. Good because since the start of this year the pandemic situation has gotten better. While back because people made some mistakes that brought them in a negative light. While all of this contributed to people all over the globe to Google, it read. Here is the list of Hollywood celebrities who topped the most searched celebrities list.

List Of Most Searched Celebrities On Google 2022.

1) Will Smith: The upcoming film Emancipation actor Will topped the list as he created a buzz on the internet and slapped comedian Chris Rock for cracking a joke on his wife’s baldness.

2) Johnny Depp: The Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp made it to headlines continuously through the live trial. Amber Heard, his wife, accused him of violence. However, the decision was made in favor of Johnny Depp.

3) Amber Heard: Amber Heard portrayed herself as the victim of domestic abuse. As a result, she lost the case against Johnny Depp, who filed a defamation case against the star.

4) Chris Rock: Chris Rock made headlines after being prey to Will Smith’s slap on his face during the Oscar Awards.

5) Jada Pinkett Smith: Jada Pinkett was suffering from the medical condition alopecia areata.

6) Andrew Garfield: Andrew kept buzzing on the internet after the actor decided to take a hiatus from his acting career. He has earned an Oscar for his work in Tick Tick Boom.

7)Joseph Quinn: The Stranger Things 4 actor did an amazing role of Eddie Munson in the horror show. For this, he gained appreciation.

8)Julia Fox: Julia Fox made it to the list of most searched celebrities after she spilled beans on her relationship with Kanye West.

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