Zoe Saldana, one of the leading actresses from the Hollywood industry, known for her celebratory works starting from Avatar, Guardian Of Galaxy and more, has now shared a fun Halloween video on her social media handle, as she celebrates the ‘spooktacular’ day.

Covered with white sheet cloth, and black shades on eyes, the actress along with her three sweet kiddos, can be seen strolling and loitering on the forest streets. Sharing the video, Zoe wrote, “A HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR”

Earlier talking about her experience on the sets of Pirates of Caribbean, she said, “It was my first exposure to a major Hollywood mega movie, where there were just so many actors and so many producers and so many crew members. We were shooting in different locations, and the environments were not that agreeable, sometimes, to our shoot days. I was very young, and it was just a little too big for me, and the pace of it was a little too fast. I walked away not really having a good experience from it overall. I felt like I was lost in the trenches of it a great deal, and I just didn’t feel like that was okay.”

She added, “Years later, I was able to meet with Jerry Bruckheimer, who apologized that I had that experience cause he really wants everyone to have a good experience on his projects. That really moved me — the fact that he remembered that I had mentioned that during press, I guess, or an engagement I had done years before and that he felt compelled to bring it up and to take accountability. … To feel seen and heard as an artist, throughout the years, or even just as a person, means so much.” As quoted by Cinema Blend.