The Shah Rukh Khan phenomenon is akin to that of the ocean, wherein one delves deeper and deeper only to discover an absence of silt. Gazing upon the resplendent figure, Khan, an individual of unparalleled magnificence, whose virtuous conduct serves as an exemplar for all to follow.

With steadfast belief, he champions the cause of love and tolerance, exemplifying the sublime art of affection. He transcends the limitations of triumph and defeat, propelling his momentum through the aeons of time and leaving an indelible imprint on the tapestry of history. Let us bask in the glory of his radiant spirit and endeavour to emulate his greatness!

But when the basking dissipates, the grim veracity comes to light, illuminating the stark reality to both the illustrious idol and his ardent ‘devotees’. The insurmountable stature of Shah Rukh Khan certainly arouses curiosity, but can he be venerated as an omnipotent being whom we can worship? Shall he descend upon a mythical unicorn to vanquish the ominous shadows engulfing Bollywood and restore its lost lustre? These questions demand contemplation, as the truth remains elusive.

Let’s be real, Bollywood is currently enduring the bleakest phase in its history. With only a few box office hits, the film industry has caught rust on the lock.

Definitely, the pandemic and Sushant Singh Rajput’s case have catalysed this decline; yet one cannot help but ponder if there are other underlying factors at play. Have these two events truly been the sole catalysts that have altered the tide, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

The clamorous cacophony of boycotts and the frenzied trends on Twitter all gulped Bollywood. While on the other hand, the South continued to shine. Thriving to get the spark to get ignited again, Bollywood got its clothes ripped apart.

…In the midst of this chaos, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, emerged the indomitable ‘Dilwale’ with an unwavering resolve and an unbowed spirit… Shah Rukh Khan, a true embodiment of resilience and strength!

He comes, he plays, he wins, and he goes! And amidst this maelstrom of cinematic glory, Pathaan emerges as the ultimate testament to his unwavering dedication and sheer talent, shattering records and silencing naysayers alike. As the dust settles and the industry takes stock of its newfound dynamism, the mighty Yash Raj Films proudly lays claim to the mantle of being the ‘best’, while SRK’s devotees exalt him as the ‘king for a reason’

But as they say, ‘a burnt child dreads the fire’; what if the tables turn again? Does Pathaan’s success solely define SRK’s ‘success’? Considering his past films, Fan 84.03 cr, Dear Zindagi 66.46, Jab Harry Met Sejal 62.00 cr, Zero 88.74 cr (as mentioned in Daily Movie Updates), that have faltered at the box office, plagued with lacklustre scripts and subpar performances? These are the questions that loom large over the industry, beckoning us to reflect on its uncertain future amidst the tumultuous waves of change.

And to prove that Shah Rukh Khan could be the long-term shoulder to rest upon, only Pathaan’s box office numbers won’t do the work. It shall be his forthcoming magnum opus, ‘Jawan’, that shall serve as a true barometer of his enduring stature and the veritable bedrock upon which the industry may lay its burdens.