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Akshay Kumar and his Burj Khalifa act

Akshay Kumar, The Burj Khalifa Is Not For Sale

Don’t get me wrong. I like Akshay Kumar’s work. He is versatile, charismatic, effortless and spontaneous most of the time. But not in the Burj khalifa song from Laxmmi Bomb which I find in appallingly bad taste.

Firstly, to offer your girlfriend the Burj Khalifa, the pride of Dubai, even in jest is just a juvenile prank not even tolerable in an 18-year old let alone a 53-year old. It is disrespectful to the country that the relic belongs to.How would we like it if a film from the Middle East has its hero dressed in a dhoti, offering the Taj Mahal to a simpering siren whose facial expressions suggest she has barely finished her primary schooling and should not be out singing and dancing with middle-aged men dressed up as Arab Sheikhs.

The choreography for the song is supremely devoid of basic intelligence. By simply dressing up the hero and chorus dancers in Arab robes you don’t get the Arabesque vibes that you are apparently striving for. All the movements and dance steps are eclectic to the point of looking haphazard. To make it worse Akshay clowns around in the song as though the beats were beckoning buffoonery.

Finally I want to know where this rumbustious song about gifting your gal with the tallest building in the world(is it meant to be a double-meaning ditty?) fits into a story of a man who is visited by the spirit of a transgender ghost.Perhaps this is what they mean by shaking one’s bhoot-y.

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