A couple of days ago witnessed quite a shocking development, when actor-turned-MP Kangana Ranaut was the victim of a slap from one of the Central Indian Force (CISF) constables at the Chandigarh airport. The incident sparked conversation as to why it happened and what led to the occurrence.

Now, Sher Singh Mahiwal, a relative of the constable, Kulwinder Kaur has come forward to defend her actions against Ranaut.

The report suggested that Mahiwal said an argument began when Ranaut was asked to place her phone and purse on the conveyor belt for scanning by Kaur. He then iterated Kaur’s reaction to Ranaut’s previous comments about farmers, which had offended many, including Kaur.

He also emphasized the need for a thorough investigation and also said that he hasn’t spoken to Kaur since the incident happened.

Mahiwal said that for security, Kaur had asked Ranaut to keep her purse and phone on the conveyor belt under the scanner. They had an argument over this, which led to the incident. Mahiwal added that Ranaut had said bad things about farmers, their mothers, and sisters, so it was natural that such things would happen. Mahiwal also mentioned that there should be a proper investigation and that she had not spoken to Ranaut.

The issue arose when Ranaut, recently elected as the Lok Sabha representative from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi, was preparing to board a flight to Delhi. The incident has garnered attention due to the political and social context, especially in light of Ranaut’s controversial comments about the farmers’ protests. These protests, which lasted for 15 months, opposed the now-repealed farm laws and demanded a legal guarantee for minimum support prices.