Deepika Padukone drug case

Dismay Over Deepika Padukone’s Name In The Drug Chat, Ranveer Singh Stands Solidly Behind His Wife

Deepika Padukone allegedly chatting about drugs with her manager has sent shock waves across the film industry, and is cause for immense embarrassment for both Deepika’s and her husband Ranveer Singh’s families.

However sources close to the development say, both the families are firmly behind Deepika in the matter. Apparently Ranveer and Deepika would be sending out a joint press statement soon.

A filmmaker who knows both the actors closely says both Ranveer and Deepika are in a state of shock. “But I don’t think they are going to let this(the chat on drugs) defeat their morale. I think they will come out in Deepika’s defence very strongly very soon after they consider all their legal options.”

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