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Govinda's son had an accident in the past too

Govinda’s Son In  A Car Accident, Not  The  First Time

Govinda’s son Yashvardhan was involved in a car accident on Wednesday evening. This is not the first time Yashvardhan has been in a car accident. In 2005 the boy was in a car crash with his mother and sister where they nearly lost their lives. Govinda’s wife and two children escaped unhurt although the car somersaulted three times.

At that time Govinda had said to me during an interview, “ I don’t know how their lives were spared. Bhagwan ka chamatkar tha. But I lost a dear friend in the accident. I’ve got at least 20-25 yagyas performed for the safety of my family. I’ve gone to numerous temples and dargah to seek blessings. Kahin na kahin bade-buzurgon ka aashirwaad kaam aa gaya. This too shall pass .Han, lekin mere saath atee(excessive) ho gaya hai . My mother’s blessings are with me. I spend about four hours a day on prayers. I’ve no other means of protecting myself. It’s the love of my family that’s protecting me. I’ve to worry about protecting them.”

Govinda admitted life had been unkind to him. “One after the other ten members of my family died in one year. It’s frightening. But what to do? I’ve to face it. .”

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