Nayanthara the stunning South actress has got a big Bollywood debut with SRK's Jawan. However, there are movie controversy reports of the actress being unhappy with the Director of Jawan, Atlee for certain reasons. Read it here.

Jawan Movie Controversy Reports: Nayanthara Unhappy With Atlee’s Treatment Of Her Role? Read For Full Info

Nayanthara the South Indian prolific actress has bagged immense appreciation for her lead role portrayal opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the recent super hit Jawan which is directed by South Director Atlee. While media reports are abuzz about how big this success is for Nayanthara who has mostly done South films, this development does speculate that we will see more and more of Nayanthara in Bollywood now. However, we are also given to understand that Nayanthara has apparently been unhappy and visibly upset with how her role was treated in the film by Atlee.

A report in hindustantimes states that Nayanthara is very upset with Atlee as her character and graph has been shortened with more priority given to the Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone. The report states that though Deepika’s was mentioned to to be a cameo in the film, it was more than a cameo of what was seen. The film overall, looks more like a SRK-Deepika film even though Nayanthara is the leading lady.

We take reference from the above-mentioned story for our write up here. The report also states that Nayanthara’s absence at the recent success bash of Jawan did give ample proof of the actress being upset. While Vijay Sethupathi, the antagonist of the film, was present at the bash, Nayanthara was not present, which led to these rumours becoming bigger.

However, sources do state that Nayanthara’s absence was not related to her role or unhappiness. “Nayanthara never goes to the films events. She follows a no promotion policy for her films because of her bad experiences in the past when she was misquoted and because she feels that her job is to act and not get involved in the promotional activities.”

Jawan’s huge success is surely Nayanthara’s big success too!! She has been talked about a lot and Bollywood has certainly noticed her. However, there are also reports that the actress is not keen now of reading any Bollywood scripts.

We wonder what the right development is!! As of now, we are left to you to admire Nayanthara’s presence and grace in the film Jawan.