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Kangana Ranaut Jayalalitha movie update

Kangana Ranaut’s Jayalalitha Scenes Will Shoot  Public Rally Scenes Through CGs

We all know former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha was an exceptional orator.Her public-address rallies were political phenomena that defied all analysis.It therefore comes as no surprise to know that the makers of Thalaivi, the multi-lingual Jayalalitha bio-pic starring Kangana Ranaut were planning to shoot a number of massy meetings with hundreds of junior artistes.

But now with Covid19 showing no sign of abatement , Jayalalitha’s public rally scenes are likely to be simulated on screen through computer graphics.

“Makes sense, don’t you think?” source close to the project wonders. “It’s going to be months if nor years before any filmmaker can shoot large crowds and mobs. We might as well get used to making do with CGs.

Says Thailavi producer Shailesh Singh, “Most of the public speeches of Jayalalalithaji we had already shot , only few such scenes are left , what we will shoot now , it will be according to Covid guidelines and in those shots definitely if required we will use CG.”G.”

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