Subhash K Jha writes on the theories post Sushant Singh Rajput's death

Who Killed Sushant Singh Rajput? (Not Karan Johar)

It’s been a month since we lost the bright talent. I wonder what Sushant Singh Rajput would have to say about the hysteria that has grown around his personality after his death.

There are roads being named after him and reputations being shattered to irreversible smithereens by fans-turned-fanatics who are convinced he has been murdered. We can’t argue with emotions. They have a life of their own.

A psychologist, a no-nonsense woman whom I’ve known to talk only sense told me, “If Sushant really killed himself where is the suicide note and why was his tongue not protruding and eyes bulging when they found his body? Why was the knot around his neck shaped like an O and not a V?”

One line of thought is convinced the underworld had a hand in the death. Another line thinks a woman did it for his money. Seriously?

I am concerned about the health of the survivors. This tragedy threatens to kill not just reputations but also those who hold those reputations. Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and even their daughter Alia Bhatt (yes ‘their’ daughter as she considers Karan also to be her Daddy) is under serious attack.

While Alia remains wisely mum, someone very close to her told me she is more baffled than shaken by the abuse.

“What have I done!” she asks her immediate circle. I wonder too. Is it the fact that she’s close to Karan Johar that makes her a target for the Rajputana wrath? In that case, what about Varun Dhawan? Why isn’t he being targeted? Oh I get it, once Alia on Koffee With Karan said “Sushant Who?” during a ‘rapidfire’

Do the haters know that the rapid fires are all rigged? The answers decided from before? No prizes for guessing who decides.

As we enter the second month of mourning for our beloved star, I suddenly see so many of Sushant’s “friends” and “special friends” and “best friends” surfacing when in fact he had stopped meeting anyone during the last one year. On the “first-month death anniversary”(an entirely new concept for mourning) Sushant’s former girlfriend and current girlfriend competed with one another in posting emotional messages. It was Radha and Meera all over again.

This is all very emotional and extremely gratifying to the memory of an actor who, I gather, was brilliant beyond any definition. I won’t dispute that. But what I will dispute is the absurd premise that Sushant’s career was thwarted by nepotism. Sushant had 10 feature films released during his lifetime out of which 6 were outright hits. That’s not a bad average at all. It is better than the performance of star-sons like Arjun Kapoor and his cousin Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Sushant repeatedly and resolutely turned down plum roles for reasons best known to him. He told me more than once that money didn’t matter to him and that he would never do a film for money.

The truth is, no one killed Sushant. The conspiracy theories must end before the “second-month death anniversary.” They are doing a great disservice to his memory.

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