Will we ever see biopics of Madhubala, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar?

Madhubala, Kishore Kumar , Lata Mangeshkar Bio-Pics, Would They Ever Be Made?

Everyone wants to know the true story of a cinema legend. But who will bell the cat?Bio-pics on Kishore Kumar and Madhubala have been planned to near-execution and then aborted,thanks to the families of the two legends.

Five years ago, Kishore Kumar’s bio-pic was all set to go on the floors with Anurag Basu as director and with Ranbir Kapoor playing the eponymous part , when Kishore Kumar’s son singer Amit Kumar put a stop to Basu’s project saying that the “family” and only the family has the right to make the Kishore Kumar bio-pic.

Ok ,then.

Likewise the Madhubala bio-pic was all set be helmed by Director Imtiaz Ali . In fact Imtiaz had done all the groundwork and research when her family sent him a letter questioning his right to make the Madhubala bio-pic.

One now hears that Lataji’s family has the sole right to her bio-pic.And by all means, please do make the film. But just reserving the right to the bio-pic and not proceeding to actually make the film is not only doing a disservice to the legend but also to the legend’s fans who want to see their beloved icon’s life being recreated.