A few days back, we got the shocking news of actor Sandeep Nahar of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and Kesari fame committing suicide.

What was even more shocking was how he had shared a disturbing video on his social media just hours before his death where he alleged that his wife and mother-in-law have played a big role which allegedly instigated him to commit the act.

Later, Sandeep’s family had filed a complaint against his wife and mother-in-law alleging abetment to suicide. And now, we at IWMBuzz exclusively got in touch with actor Alok Pandey, who was Sandeep Nahar’s co-star in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.

It is to be noted that when Sandeep had shared the video on social media, Alok being his caring friend was one of the first to try to reach out to him to stop him from taking the drastic step. When we asked Alok about what he tried to do then, he was quoted as saying,

“When I saw him share the video, I immediately tried to call him and get in touch with him. I tried innumerable times but his phone was firstly not reachable and then nobody picked up. After some time, when I saw everyone sharing on social media about him already taking to suicide, I was taken aback emotionally. I went to the hospital when they were about to start the postmortem. However, I couldn’t see his body.”

When asked further about Sandeep’s behavior with him before his death, Alok further added,

“We had a WhatsApp chat just 3-4 days prior to the shocking incident. We primarily talked about work. In fact, we had even decided to meet after I am done finishing my shoot for my next web series. He had agreed and we were all set to meet. I am in a state of shock now. He never shared much about his personal life but I can say that he was never really happy with his married life. He used to often say that ‘shaadi karke phas gaya…sab bekar hai…etc’ but at that point of time, the way he said it, nobody realized that the matter was so serious. In fact, just about a week or so before his suicide, he had shared a photo of him with his wife on his WhatsApp story as well where I responded and replied in a hilarious way ki ‘kya baat hai bhai bhabhi ke saath’ very nice. The overall incident is very shocking, indeed.”

When further asked about the video and how his life has been post his friend’s sudden demise, he concluded by saying,

“You know I have this group photo of mine, Sushant, Sandeep & others of our MS Dhoni: The Untold Story cast. First, it was Sushant and now him. Personally too, I have not been in a good space because I lost my father too some time back. But life goes on and we have to move on. But this one is very difficult to accept. He was a chilled-out person who liked to live a happy life. He didn’t believe in taking too much pressure or tension. But in the video, he has clearly said that his wife and mother-in-law have been harassing and torturing him, the truth should come out. All I can do right now is pray for his soul. But emotionally, I am shattered.”

Our condolences once again to the family of the lost soul and may the departed soul rest in peace.

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