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OMG: Akshay Kumar offers to financially aid Mumbai’s iconic ‘Gaity-Galaxy’ theatre, owner Manoj Desai ‘politely’ refuses help

Whenever there’s any need for help and assistance, be it for the army fund or the National fund or anything which has got to do with serving the nation, Akshay Kumar is one of the first names to pop up.

After already having assisted with a whopping sum of 25 crores to PM CARES fund, Akshay now decided to help theatre owners and theatres in Mumbai from shutting down.

In an attempt to help, Akshay Kumar called Mr Manoj Desai who happens to run the iconic theatre in Mumbai to provide help but much to everyone’s surprise, Manoj Desai refused and we quote his statement as per media,

” Three days ago, I got a call from Akshay ji. He offered to provide financial assistance if the scenario continues. It was kind of him to offer help, but we should find a way to sustain ourselves. We have managed to collect enough funds to pay the salaries for this month, but the theatre shutdown will have long-term ramifications. Our focus is to ensure we don’t trim staff or resort to paying cuts,”

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