Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty seems to have triggered off an ugly war of words between the fans of RRR and liberal elements who see nothing wrong in RRR being seen as a “gay film” as Resul has seen.

However RRR’s music composer , the otherwise mild M M Keeravani tweeted in support of RRR by apparently using an abusive Telugu term to describe Resul.

Keeravani has since then deleted his shocking tweet. But the damage has been done.

Sources say RRR director Rajamouli has personally pulled up Keeravani for his language. Though Rajamouli is yet to voice his opinion on the controversy , sources close to director describe Resul’s gay interpretation of RRR as “sour grapes”.

“Resul was keen to be part of RRR from the beginning.When it didn’t happen, he became bitter about the film. There is nothing more to it,” a source from Hyderabad reveals.