Trouble for Sadak 2

Sadak 2 Trailer Gets Mercilessly trolled, Would The Film’s Release Be Postponed?

Within hours of its release the Sadak 2 trailer which marks the directorial return of Mahesh Bhatt and his first collaboration with daughter Alia Bhatt, has chalked up an all-time high. But not in the way the Bhatts would have liked.

The trailer has registered a record-breaking number of dislikes, almost 500,000 dislikes within two hours of the trailer’s release putting the film’s producers Disney-Hotstar in a quandary.

A source in the know reveals, “Disney-Hotstar thought the shocking news of Sanjay Dutt’s illness would stem the tide of hatred against Sadak 2. The producers had not anticipated this level of animosity for the film’s trailer. They are now wondering how to stem the tide of negativity against the film.”

There is serious talk of shifting the release of Sadak 2 from 28 August to a later date.

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