IWMBuzz reveals to you that Karni Sena reveals they love Akshay Kumar despite halting his film shoot. Read the story for more details

IN VIDEO: SHOCKING: Karni Sena REVEAL they love Akshay Kumar despite stopping shoot of ‘Prithviraj’ in Jaipur

A day after the Karni Sena halted the shoot of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Prithviraj in Jaipur, a video is going viral on the Internet where members of the Karni Sena are seen saying positive things about Akshay Kumar.

Karni Sena came to fame when they created a huge uproar the last time with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavaat.

This time too, their demands are that historical facts around Prithviraj Chauhan should not be tampered and Prithviraj shouldn’t be shown as a lover. In the video, we see Karni Sena members saying that ‘Because we have a lot of respect for Akshay Kumar Ji, hence we are here to talk with peace and love’.

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