In conversation with Apurva Asrani

Work out, meditate, construct the new you that you always wanted to: Apurva Asrani

Writer-Director-Editor Apurva Asrani who is peacefully ensconced with his live-in partner music curator Siddhant Pillai in Goa, speaks to Subhash K Jha on the lockdown

How are are you coping with the lockdown?

The 1st week we had been dealing with the uncertainty of essentials & supplies here in Goa. Also sweeping, swabbing the house, figuring out a cooking discipline. Things finally look like they are being streamlined.

How are you spending your time?

Hunting for basic supplies, keeping the house clean, learning new recipes and being creative with the few groceries we have. We have kittens that need attention and care. I’m practicing the guitar. Exercising. And reading old writing drafts and doing passes on them.

Lots of time to introspect?

There is certainly a lot of introspection. In the past, our ‘productivity machinery’ had never been allowed to stop. We have been sticking to stringent deadlines, delivering and moving on to the next creation. But creativity needs to incubate. Life needs to happen in between. We need to hear stories, take stock of what’s happening in the world, we need to think about things. I am revisiting projects I have already been working on. our thought patterns are changing as we realize what’s truly important to us. The world will never be the same after this has passed.

Movie watching?

There aren’t many movies binging. The true stories of the world are far more exciting and pressing than fiction right now.

Working from home and working out?

Yes, working from home. And working out as well. My complex has enough space to exercise in isolation, and I’m jogging, doing press-ups, stretches. All the anxious energy one collects from depressing news stories must be expended. I refuse to go to bed with it.

Are you eating and sleeping more than usual?

I don’t think people who cook for themselves over-eat. I sleep 7 hours and wake early to go to the shops to get supplies before people crowd them. Groceries have been in short supply, so we haven’t been able to stock up.

Your advice on how to deal with prolonged isolation?

Talk to your loved ones and friends. Have long conversations that you couldn’t have when you were busy fulfilling your material ambitions. Connect again. Read. Use social media judiciously, else you will end up feeling confused. Work out, meditate. Construct the new you that you always wanted to, but didn’t have the time to start.

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