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The struggle never ends: Apurva Asrani

Writer-editor-director Apurva Asrani on calling out those elements being held responsible for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Read on…

What do you think of Hansal Mehta’s petition to undercut Kamal R Khan’s power by asking the film industry to unfollow him?

I think every journalist who uses his power to abuse must be pulled up. I stand with those that petitioned. But it’s hypocrisy to just go for the one that is already a caricature & wields no real power. Those that really want to bring change should call out the powerful ones that have the power to destroy you. That is real courage.

Do you think Kamal R Khan is part of the problem that plagues the film industry?

He is a symptom. So are other journalists who abuse their power. Let’s not blame them for creating the rot. They have found their place of power in an abusive system and are using it. But it’s still important to call them out. The symptom must be treated if you want to reach the core of the disease. The next round will be treating their handlers.

What do you think killed Sushant Singh Rajput?

I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s one thing. It’s a combination of several factors I guess. An innate sensitivity may have made him vulnerable. But having survived 25 years here, I know that the industry is unfair to the outsiders, to the ones that refuse to suck up & play the game their way. All those blind items against Sushant are indicative of a sustained effort to malign him. And then, inspite of having found success with Chichore, the industry underplayed it. It’s all very sad if you think about what he must have gone through

Do you think outsiders have to struggle a lot harder than insiders?

The struggle never ends. You can slog for decades, won the biggest awards and you will still be less important than the A-list blessed who with one film, no training, are shining bright

Is it right to blame Karan Johar for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death?

I don’t agree with singling out any one person. That is a witch hunt. Name him if you have the courage to name several others who do it too. Then we can have a dialogue.

As a gay Indian, does your sexual orientation affect your work profile?

Doesn’t really. It does make me more sensitive probably to minorities and the marginals.

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