Salma Hayek's powerful aura six times thanks to her makeup

Salma Hayek has already posted a selfie on Instagram without any makeup on. In reality, the well-known Hollywood actress frequently posts pictures without any makeup or filters for her 15 million followers. Us Weekly’s Stylish conducted some research and compiled her best natural looks throughout the years to prove it!

The Frida actress maintains a healthy balance on her Instagram page by combining candid, bare-faced photos with professional glamour shots. She will smile for the camera in one photo while sporting dramatic eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow, and in the next, she will pose confidently without the use of any makeup. She nevertheless constantly has a stunning appearance!

The image from June 16 is currently among the star’s most recognizable ones. She included before-and-after pictures of herself in the post. She took a photo before touching up her roots and another after applying makeup.

The actress captioned the photo, “In anticipation for reshoots, I finally had to do my roots.”

Hayek is the master of making her selfies without fascinating makeup. She posed for a close-up photo, for instance, on June 14 while surrounded by what appeared to be a tree or a huge plant with large green leaves. She added the hashtags “#selfiesunday #nofilter #nature” to the picture’s text.

The actress doesn’t use makeup and isn’t embarrassed to flaunt her natural hair. She has frequently shared pictures of her hair in two different states: dry after a swim, and wet just before bed.

Source: USMagazine

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