“A lot of people I meet still ask me when the third season of ‘Engineering Girls’ will come out,” Barkha reminisces as Engineering Girls turns 6. “In fact, ‘Engineering Girls’ gave me the opportunity to play a character Sabu, which is very different from any other character I had played before that or any other character I have even played after that. People enjoyed seeing me in that avatar. It was a lot of fun. Even though people have seen me in a lot more films and shows after ‘Engineering Girls’, they will still ask me ‘Sabu Kaisi Ho’ or if I attend a college event I hear how ‘Sabu was the best’.”

The charm of ‘Engineering Girls’ lay in its fresh and honest storytelling. The series was ahead of its time, cleverly using humor to highlight the gender disparity in engineering colleges. “The show was way ahead of its time. Infact just the name ‘Engineering Girls’ solicits humour and even within the show we joke how women are in the minority in engineering colleges. But it was also so much more,” Barkha reflects.

The show wasn’t just about laughter; it also delved deep into the personal struggles and dreams of its three protagonists. “My character Sabu struggled with her ambitions of a start-up, something she had to convince her parents, then her college, then the people who are giving funding. All these struggles are something that every girl will be able to relate to. So I think somewhere the success of the show obviously lies in the direction and the way it was written, but also because it spoke to a lot of girls and also guys at a very personal level. That is what I loved about the show. I think it was very raw, it was very genuine and it was very honest,” she says. Her ability to bring such authenticity to the role of Sabu is a testament to her acting prowess and has cemented ‘Engineering Girls’ as one of her most loved projects.

As Barkha continues to shine in various roles across films and web series, her role as Sabu in ‘Engineering Girls’ remains a highlight of her career. The show’s blend of humor, realism, and heartfelt storytelling continues to captivate new viewers and hold a special place in the hearts of long-time fans. On the work front, she has several upcoming projects lined up for this year. We can’t wait to see her on the big screen, and we anticipate that she is ready to take everyone by surprise.