Rhea Chakraborty expresses about her fear in the latest interview.

Rhea Chakraborty opens up about fear says “I have nothing to lose, I have lost it all”

Rhea Chakraborty is a stunning actress who has faced many challenges in her life but has emerged stronger. Despite facing personal struggles and criticisms, she has remained mentally strong and tackled every obstacle with a positive attitude. Recently, she spoke about fear, which has once again put her in the spotlight.

In a recent interview, Rhea Chakraborty spoke about fear, and how she faced all her fears at one. The actress was asked the question, “Feel like all of us women, men fear a lot of things right we fear the loss of our loved ones, we fear the loss of our money, we fear the loss of our health, but you are some one who has seen all your fears realize at the same time, and i’m sure that would have been one hell of a ride. how did you overcome that fear?” To this the actress responded saying “There’s that saying its a little filmy “kisi ko itna bhi msat darao ki unka dar khatam ho jaye.” So I think in our case in my case in my family’s case there’s was so much to be fearful for that after a point you know you just become fearless, when you get pushed against that wall to that degree you’re just like you know what no I have nothing to lose, I have lost it all, I’ve lost reputation, I’ve lost a loved one now my brothers in jail, now im going to jail, my parents are unwell it just does’nt get lower than this. so when it hits that rock bottom actually somewhere the human resilience is such that you kind of understand that its probably going to be only up from here. When and how is where resilience and strength where my patience comes in where you belief in god or your belief in some kind of divine strength comes in. so up till that point, I think you’re fearful but beyond a certain point no one so ill give you an example of say bungee jumping, right if you climb up when you climb up the anticipation your dopamine is the highest your adrenaline is the highest you’re most nervous bout once you take that first step and you take that leap there after actually the fear goes away.”

Even Rajakumari took to her instagram to comment, “Yes!!! This is so inspiring. Keep being strong

Fans also showered Rhea with love in the comment section of the post as one wrote. ” So strong Rhea di am proud of you 🔥❤️👏🏻”

While another wrote, ” So inspiring the strongest woman in one frame❤️”

One said, “Youre the strongest Rhea❤️❤️Naysayers got nothing on you. Much love and support🙌🏻”

This is not the first time that she has shared about the difficult experiences she has faced in her life. In the past, she has spoken about the negativity she encountered, her time spent in jail, and the challenging four years she went through. Her words have always left a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the people.

Meanwhile on the work front, as a gang leader, Rhea and her team member Vashu from MTV Roadies gained victory!