IWMBuzz asks you whether Allu Arjun is a better dancer than Tiger Shroff or not

Is Allu Arjun a better dancer than Tiger Shroff?

When it comes to being a part of the entertainment industry, it is not just about knowing how to act. In today’s time when the industry is full of extraordinary talent, it is important to build your own niche in some way or the other and when it comes to building up your own niche, dancing is that one thing that can help one do that immensely. Talk about dancing, two of the biggest superstars who are a master in that art are Allu Arjun and Tiger Shroff. While Allu’s dancing skills are predominantly seen in the South Film Industry, Tiger can easily be hailed as one of the best dancers of Bollywood at the moment if not the ‘best’. Comparisons are unfair but also inevitable.

History has it that comparisons come naturally between two people who are exceptionally good at their art so talking about comparisons if we ask you guys as to who’s better between Allu Arjun and Tiger Shroff when it comes to the art of dance, whom would you pick and why?

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