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IWMBuzz feels Tiger Shroff is the only young actor capable of spearheading a franchise himself. Read the story for more details

Why ‘Birthday Boy’ Tiger Shroff is the ONLY actor capable to spearhead the ‘Baaghi’ franchise

When it comes to kickass, high-flying action, there’s none better and most importantly fitter than Tiger Shroff in the business. After having won the hearts of the audience with his superlative performance in War alongside his mentor Hrithik Roshan, Tiger is all set to carry forward the success spree with the second sequel of the Baaghi franchise, titled Baaghi 3.

Today being Tiger’s birthday marks a special day and as far as his director Ahmed Khan feels that the actor is exceptionally good when it comes to high octane action scenes and hence is the only youngest actor to spread the franchise.

Director Ahmed Khan had revealed at an event recently that he feels Tiger is the only actor from the younger lot who can spearhead a franchise.

Tiger Shroff is a sought after actor who has successfully lead the film franchise and delivered box office blockbusters which had performed humongous. This definitely proves that the actor is the youngest to have maximum successful franchises under his name.

In Baaghi 3 as well, Tiger Shroff has shown some mind-blowing action sequences which one can only dream of doing and here the actor does it so seamlessly.

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