Bobby Deol talks about his steamy scene with Esha Gupta in Aashram 3.

Bobby Deol Opens Up On His Steamy Scene With Esha Gupta In Aashram 3: Says, ‘She Was So Much Involved’

Aashram 3 as usual has appealed to the audience. Like the earlier two seasons, the third season too has been well-accepted and appreciated by viewers. This has brought major joy in the Prakash Jha camp. However, Aashram 3 saw the emergence of Esha Gupta in a sparkling role. She won major accolades and was praised for her acting prowess. She played the sizzling Soniya, and fans simply loved Esha in this avatar.

In the latest season, Esha and Bobby share an intimate moment, and that scene has become one of the highlights of the season. Baba and Soniya sizzled on the screen. A report on talked about this and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

The story talked about how Esha was very comfortable and into the skin of the character in the sensuous scene. However, it was Bobby Deol who felt nervous.

In a recent interaction with Spotboye, Deol confessed that he was nervous during the shoot, and Gupta helped him in a big way. “I remember the first time I did an intimate scene, I was very nervous. It was the first time that I was doing something like this,” Bobby asserted. The actor further added, “My co-actor was so professional, she was so much involved in how well to portray a character, and then it becomes easy. And that’s why people enjoyed it. The way Prakash Ji shot the scenes, the team did work so everything was put in the right sync.”

Esha also shared her views on shooting intimate scene and said, “There’s nothing about being comfortable or uncomfortable when you have worked for like 10 years in the industry. People think intimacy is a problem but it’s not, unless and until it’s a problem in your real life. We are very open about it. The only thing is every scene is difficult, whether you’re crying or driving on-screen. Maybe intimacy was difficult for me to shoot when I did it for the first time. But when you’re shooting with good mature people and a nice actor around you, you don’t have any problem.”

Well, this is one interesting fact, that Bobby shared.