Yash starrer KGF marked a lot of ruckuses after its release. Yash starring as Rocky Bhai in the movie, earned immense love all across the country, with his high-end dramatic acting chops and action sequences. His dope dialogues and dialect all made Yash a true action-hero amongst the movie buffs overnight. KGF 2 also embarked a huge praise all across the nation. And since the sequel was also a hit, fans have been awaiting the third part of it on the screens.

Earlier, there were speculations that KGF 3 would hit the screens in 2024, the makers and producers have now clarified that the pre-production won’t start off any time soon, and would hit the shooting floors in 2025 and might get released in 2026.

Exclusive: Yash starrer KGF 3 to hit floors in 2025, producer shares updates 755167

As stated in a report by Koi Moi, the producer Kirgandur has stated that the shooting would not take any time soon and is going to hit the shooting floors by 2025. He also stated that the franchise may go beyond 5th instalment too. However, then, Yash might not play the role of Rocky Bhai then. He said, “It is possible in the KGF franchise that after the 5th part, another hero may play Rocky Bhai’s role, just like the James Bond series, the heroes keep changing,”

Earlier, when reports claimed that Yash might release by 2024, Karthik Gowda in a tweet clarified that the pre-production won’t start any time soon. He stated, “The news doing the rounds are all speculation. With a lot of exciting projects ahead of us, we @hombalefilms will not be starting #KGF3 anytime soon. We will let you know with a bang when we start the work towards it,”

Earlier, celebrating his 37th birthday, Yash shared a note on his Instagram addressing his fans. He said, “I am working towards clinching something that I believe in and am passionate about. You are the ones who empower me to think bigger and better. When I meet you next, I want to share that news and all the details with you. To be able to do that, I need some more time, which seems unlikely by the 8th of January. So, this year, I ask you all a specific gift – the gift of your patience and understanding,” as quoted by News 18.