Who has a hotter summer beach body between Katrina Kaif and Nora Fatehi

Katrina Kaif Vs Nora Fatehi: Who has a hotter summer beach body?

When it comes to slaying it big time in the entertainment industry, one needs talent and glamour certainly. But apart from that, something else which is of utmost importance to survive the daily hustle and bustle of the gruesome and tiring schedules is fitness. The definition of fitness varies from person to person. While for some, fitness means having a chiseled body with six pack abs, fitness for glam doll divas like Katrina Kaif and Nora Fatehi certainly mean having a quintessential summer hot beach body.

A summer beach body undoubtedly looks the best in a bikini and no surprises that neither Katrina nor Nora shy away from flaunting their hottest best swimwear avatars which are body goals for one and all. But readers, if you had to pick one among them as the one with the hottest summer body, whom will you pick and choose and why?

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