KGF 2 plot details for all the loyal lovers of the Rocky Bhai aka Yash film.

KGF 2 Plot Details REVEALED

KGF Chapter 1 was a huge turning point in Kannada film history as it catapulted the film to the peak of success. And with it, the era of Yash aka Rocky Bhai started. Now with the sequel KGF 2 to release at the end of this year, a lot of eyes are on the story plot that will bring Rocky Bhai into power.

At the end of KGF 1, we all know that Rocky had eliminated Garuda. Now new doing rounds is that KGF 2 will have a tragic and heart-breaking climax that will put Rocky Bhai at the receiving end.

Yes, there has been a lot written about Rocky Bhai meeting with the same fate as Garuda. OMG!! This is painful, indeed!! It is said that at the end, Prime Minister Raimika Sen played by Raveena Tandon will issue death warrant to the biggest criminal, Rocky.

Rocky will also have to face Adheera played by Sanjay Dutt, who is brother to Suryavardhan.

Now are you all eager to see KGF 2 which will release this year-end? As of now, the date of release is 23 October, but for the time being the work on the film’s post-production has been stopped due to Coronavirus pandemic spread.

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