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Telugu Actor Allu Arjun’s Royal Lifestyle Revealed

Allu Arjun needs no introduction, as he is one actor with a full package. He has delivered massive hits in his career as an actor and is an absolute favourite around all age groups across India. His dialogue delivery, action sequence keeps one glued. He is extremely talented and is an actor, dancer, playback singer and a producer as well. Allu Arjun has an estimated net worth of $10 million and he charges around 12-15 crores per film. With such success, it is obvious of the star to lead a royal life.

Allu Arjun owns a sophisticated and stylish house in Hyderabad worth a fortune. His house was designed by Famous Interior Designer Aamir & Hammada. The actor is building his dream house in Hyderabad and has named it ‘Blessing.’ He also owns a house in Chennai. He owns a BMW X6 couple along with a Jaguar, Porsche and Range Rover. He endorses some big brands. He is seen in an extremely stylish avatar onscreen as well as behind the camera. Not too long ago, the actor made headlines after he flaunted a t-shirt worth Rs 65,000 and shoes worth Rs 1.45 lakh.

It is pretty obvious that the actor is living his life the king size.

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