Jessica Alba shares cute video with her son Hayes, as the mother-son duo tries out spicy nacho chips, the reactions are hilarious, watch video below-

Watch: Jessica Alba’s hilarious ‘nacho’ fun with son Hayes is too cute to handle

Family always comes first to Jessica Alba. Time and again she has dropped pictures where she can be seen spending times with her family. And now that it’s the weekend time again, the star has shared a hilarious video straight from her living room on Instagram. She shared the video on Saturday, where we can see her sitting by her son Hayes, trying out spicy nachos. However, there’s a super cute twist that later unfolds in the video-

In the video, we can see the mother-son duo in their cosy home avatars. Jessica looked stunning in her olive green high-neck pullover that she teamed with teal blue trouser pants. The actress completed the look with mid-parted wavy short hair, filled-in eyebrows and nude pink lips. While on the other hand her son Hayes looked supercute in his grey thermals that he topped on his casual blue home t-shirt.

We can see Hayes trying out one nacho chip at first. However, he doesn’t like the taste. But cunningly doesn’t react and offer it to his mother Jessica and eventually tricks her to have it. Jessica not realising the trick agrees to take a bite and the spice hits her like crazy.

Sharing the video online, Jessica Alba wrote, “when your kid tricks you into trying nasty snacks”

Here take a look-

A user wrote, “Lovely video of you both Jess. Have a great weekend.”

Another commented, “I’ would do that with my dad , he loved sweets like me but hated sour candies so sometimes i would give him the really sour ones and see his reaction , it was priceless lol”

A third user wrote, “Hahaha good job Hayes make her eat those chips ???? too funny”