Ariana first came to prominence in 2008, when she was 15 years old when she starred in the Broadway play 13. Ari wore her natural deep brunette wavy hair down to her shoulders and teamed it with casual pants and tees. This music artist, who was unknown on a global scale, was simply a typical youngster who had no idea that in ten years she would become a fashion and hairdo legend!

Ariana Grande has come a long way since she earned a role on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” in 2010.

The singer’s look, like her music, has developed throughout time. Although she frequently wears distinctive looks like crop tops, miniskirts, and her famous ponytail, many of her music videos showcase diverse aspects of her personal style.

Ariana is known for wearing big layering pieces like jackets, coats, and sweaters on a regular basis. If you want to copy her look, you’ll need to invest in some rad oversized clothing. She’s been spotted wearing them as dresses, layering pieces, and even as her go-to street style ensembles. If you’re a genuine Ariana Grande fan, you must adore large, baggy clothing as much as she does.

Anyone can carry off this Ariana style perfectly well because it is so simple to follow. When you don’t want to dress up too much, grey sweatpants and a grey hoodie are the ideal options. The right accents for this laid-back attire are white canvas shoes, a white pocketbook, and her sunshades.

source- brandedgirls