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Arijit Singh is a doctor WITHOUT a degree. Wondering how? Read the story for more details

Arijit Singh: A Doctor without a degree

In today’s time when the music fraternity is primarily dependent on technology like auto-tune and remakes, voices like Arijit Singh come off as a breath of fresh air. Arijit burst into the singing scene with his songs from Aashique 2 and since then, he’s never looked back.

Be it an upbeat dance number or slow tragic heartbreak songs, he’s the undisputed king of all. Arijit’s heartbreak songs especially come off as nothing short of medicine that treats people suffering from a major heartbreak. For them, Arijit’s heartbreak songs are the go-to thing after their break-up.

This is why we strongly feel that Arijit is like that Doctor who doesn’t probably have an MBBS degree but is still efficient when it comes to treating patients of heartbreak. Don’t you guys feel the same? Share your views in comments below and for more such updates, stay tuned to

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