Who is your favorite singer, Jubin Nautiyal or Arijit Singh, by a wide fan following?

Arijit Singh VS Jubin Nautiyal: Who Is Your Singing Crush?

Bollywood audiences appreciate both solo albums and songs from movies. They appreciate singing and music. All fans and audiences like listening to excellent, soul-stirring music, and many musicians take pleasure in playing for such crowds.

Both Jubin Nautiyal and Arijit Singh are well-known and skilled playback singers from India who have grabbed the hearts of many with their melodic voices.

Jubin Nautiyal

Following the release of the song Ek Mulakat from the movie Sonali Cable, Jubin Nautiyal quickly gained popularity. He then continued to perform other captivating compositions. Meherbani, Zindagi, and Bandeyaa, among many more noteworthy works, are a few. When hearing his music, time appears to fly past. Listening to him is absolutely enchanting since every lyric seems to hit the mark.

On all social media sites, Jubin Nautiyal has a sizable fan base. His songs have received more than a million views on YouTube, and he has a total of 9.6 million Instagram followers. His musical voice is undoubted evidence that he is incredibly well-liked. Recently, he released his new song video Pyar Hona Na Tha within five days it received 2 million views and 163k likes.

One of the best singers in recent memory has been Arijit Singh. He has been dubbed the king of melancholy ballads thanks to his tunes. The title also fits him well because no one else could ever perform a heartbreak song as well as he does because it carries an unspoken sentiment of understanding and manages to strike the proper chord in the audience.

Arijit Singh debuted his Oriyon album, which includes some up-and-coming artists and gives them a stage and an opportunity to succeed. He has 6.8 million social media followers.

According to a report, Jubin Nautiyal has more fan following on social media than Arjit Singh but Arijit Singh’s songs made everyone fall for him.

Which of Jubin Nautiyal and Arijit Singh has, in your opinion, the largest following? Decide now.

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