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Check out the top 3 controversies which involved BLACKPINK Jennie!

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Top 3 Controversies Will Simply Shock You

The famous South Korean girl band, Blackpink has become a K-pop sensation. The squad has got millions and millions of views and likes on most of their music videos. They released the song ‘Ice Cream’ (2020) recently, which was the first-ever collaboration of Blackpink with the American pop sensation, Selena Gomez. They recently released the song ‘Lovesick Girls’ (2020) as well. Every song of them became a huge global commercial success. The Blackpink gang has got four talented singers, starting from Jisoo, to Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. But, out of all of them, Jennie has left a remarkable impression in everyone’s mind.

Jennie is also known as Jennie Kim and is one of the most important backbones of the famous Blackpink squad. She has showcased her fantastic skills in both dancing and singing but also preparing the rap parts in both Korean and English languages as well. She got her very own solo song, ‘SOLO’ two years back, in 2018. The k-pop singer has been stuck in various controversies before. Here we have got a list of the top 3 controversies of Jennie that will simply shock you:

1: The nurse controversy from the Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls (2020) song. The Korean Health and Medical Workers Union claimed that the content wasn’t appropriate and sexualized nurses.

2: It was in the year 2018 when Jennie received lots of criticism from the Korean netizens for allegedly dancing on stage, in a ‘lazy’ way. According to netizens, Blackpink’s Jennie didn’t do her best when the K-pop band was on the stage.

3: Her dating episode with EXO’s Kai.

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