The Blackpink girls are well and truly the most loved and admired female K-pop entertainment squad that we currently have in the world at present. All the members of the squad have over the years received tremendous love and attention from fans all over the globe and well, we are all supremely proud of all of them and for real. It is no hidden secret that all the divas have over the years worked immensely hard to become the sensations that they are today. However, in terms of fandom and popularity ladies and gentlemen, one individual who is slight having an edge over the others is none other than the gorgeous and amazing Blackpink member Jennie. Her work ethics in real life is lit and her social media game is even better.

She’s someone who’s quite literally brilliant in all departments of performing arts. From music to dance, everything is lit from her end. She’s quite a sensation when it comes to both group songs as well as singles ladies and gentlemen. For quite a long time, Blinks all over the globe were wondering as to what’s currently cooking at her end. Well, although exact information is not yet known folks, we hear that she’s all set to burn hearts with some really special singles, modeling projects and guess what? You shouldn’t be surprised even if you see in any movie. Well, won’t that be absolutely amazing?

On the work front, she’s expected to have special projects this year and we at IWMBuzz would love to extend good wishes to her for everything and anything that she does in the future. Let us know all your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to