Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name as V, and a member of BTS, is one of the loveliest K-pop stars. He not only emits a truly endearing disposition but also a stunning visual appeal. Because of these traits, he is well-known and widely regarded.

Each BTS member has their own charms and qualities. They appeal to ARMYs because of their qualities. The ability for fans to see the members and notice their little habits is quite comforting. These tendencies make them more relatable. Social media is frequently used by fans to talk about how handsome their celebrities are. Kim Tae-hyung of BTS is one of these idols whose magnetic personality has caused the internet to go viral numerous times.

Tata Mic Face

The “Tata mic” face made by BTS member Kim Tae-hyung is indisputable from this list. Every K-pop fan, whether they are in the Army or not, is familiar with the vocalist of Winter Bear’s adorable habit. Initially, J-hope and V received “price slips” that specified the prizes they would receive in a RUN BTS episode.

V was the first to see the “Tata mic” that J-hope won. He said, “Tata mic,” and cracked a small smile when asked what was written on his slip. Bangrim became suspicious as a result, but he later proved it, only to watch V eat his “prize slip” out of fear of being discovered.

Finger Tutting

In front of the camera, Kim Tae-hyung of BTS finger-tutted for the audience. V has a go-to habit of tutting his fingers, which ARMYs not only find amusing but also mesmerizing because of his skill in doing so.

Numerous VLive sessions, Permission to Dance shows, Run BTS episodes, and music videos are just a few of the places where he was caught finger-tutting.

Imagined gum chewing

Due to his penchant for chewing imaginary gum, the Christmas Tree singer can be a little difficult to comprehend. He has internalized this to the point where, sometimes, even he is unaware that he was moving his mouth unintentionally.

The artist was frequently spotted chewing “an imagined gum,” which ARMYs find incredibly beautiful, whether at fan-sign gatherings, music videos, or live concerts. At a concert, Jimin challenged V about this behavior, and he conceded that it had developed out of necessity because of how much gum he chews.

Always He fixes his hair

Kim Tae-hyung of BTS is fixated on fiddling with and adjusting his hair as well as drawing attention to his excellent appearance from the ARMYs. The artist may not have missed a single opportunity to style his hair attractively.

He was spotted at one of the concerts flicking his hair in the classiest manner before handing an army a flower. The attractiveness of this behavior undoubtedly makes a million fans’ hearts quiver.

Catching things with ease

Idols put forth a lot of effort to keep their bodies in shape and sharpen their reflexes because doing so helps them become better at what they do. Kim Tae-hyung of BTS, however, appears to have the talent for effortlessly grabbing objects.

This might seem like a routine, everyday action, but for V it’s unique because of how good-looking he is while doing it. He is unquestionably a master of good grips, whether it be with microphones, baseballs, bottles, or table tennis balls.

Source : koreaboo