Check out the most fashionable red outfits of K-pop Boyband Seventeen

Since SEVENTEEN’s 2015 debut, they have donned innumerable clothes that have displayed their charming side, sensual side, mature side, and everything in between. Even though they’ve shown that they can carry off just about any outfit. There’s something about the color red that truly brings out their charm, power, and good looks on stage. Here are at least 30 photos to support your claim.

S.Coups, the oldest and leader of SEVENTEEN, portrays the role of a true leader by dressing in a vivid shade of red, whether it be his hair or his clothes.

When Jeonghan wears this color, his already stunning appearance is significantly enhanced!

Joshua’s gorgeous golden skin’s warm undertones are particularly highlighted by red. Even in a more sophisticated attire, Jun is still always his silly and cute (but still attractive) self! Hoshi has an unstoppable charm and appears incredibly intimidating in red. Wonwoo, in particular, seems like an otherworldly handsome prince in a deep red color. Woozi may be little in stature, but with the way he looks in this hue, it’s simple to overlook that!

DK’s stunning, sharp features have already made him an unofficial icon, and red is unmistakably his color.

Mingyu’s height and appearance alone make him impossible not to drool over, and when he’s dressed in these shades, how could anyone not do a double-take?

Even some less traditional clothing looks seductive and stylish when they are worn by SEVENTEEN’s fashion king!

Even though Seungkwan is notorious for being a big goofball, it could be simple to overlook that when he looks this dapper and sophisticated!

Vernon is prepared to walk the catwalk in any of these clothes, whether it’s a crimson suit or a straightforward turtleneck.

And lastly, the infant of SEVENTEEN no longer appears to be a baby due to how mature and stylish this color makes him look!

Source: Koreaboo

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