SEVENTEEN’S member Mingyu can effortlessly win anyone’s heart with his visual appearance. Irrespective of his outfit, nothing can hide his beauty. While there are times when he wore similar outfits in black and white and we wonder in which outfit he looked the best? Well, the answer is both the colors.

1. “Anyone

Mingyu and deep V cuts ought to be so amazing.

2. Simple nonetheless Breathless

The grown-up adult male appearance. This attracts the most.

3. Washing Up

No matter whether it is for a photo shoot or an hour, Mingyu makes brushing his teeth look adorable. No doubt he has such a bright smile!

4. Light-weight And Dark

A turtleneck underneath a suit never seemed to be additional angelic.

5. Cap

Mingyu would be that special smart child whom everybody genuinely loves in those classic high school movies.

6. Soft Boy Vibes

An oversized evening shirt and Mingyu’s soft hair produce the softest aesthetic look and we are already dying.

7. Dream Boy

Nothing could look more stunning than Mingyu in black and white ensembles. And the stunning photos.

8. Sweater

When sweater time is here, oversized clothes are a must and Mingyu looks like cute in this outfit.

9. Sleeveless Mingyu

This list could concentrate on white and black outfits. However, the Mingyu style can complete anyone.

10. Don’t Go

The vocalist’s puppy eyes drip honey. He’s undoubtedly the type of guy who misses you before you’ve even left him and that is so cute.

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Source : Koreaboo L