The K-pop sensation Tomorrow X Together, fondly known as TxT, has set the internet abuzz with tantalizing hints of an upcoming international collaboration. The news of this highly anticipated single, slated for a July release, has fans around the globe on the edge of their seats. Speculations reached fever pitch when rumours emerged suggesting a possible collaboration with none other than the Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas’ collaboration with TXT

And now, it seems we might be one step closer to the truth, as the charming Nick Jonas himself has dropped a subtle confirmation. It all started with TxT members sharing a cheeky picture of themselves lounging by the pool, adorably mimicking the iconic pose from the Jonas Brothers’ latest album. As if that weren’t enough to fuel the excitement, Nick Jonas himself added fuel to the fire by liking the tweet and playfully teasing the fans.

The anticipation among TxT’s dedicated fandom, lovingly known as MOAs, has reached new heights, and the Desi fans, in particular, are buzzing with unparalleled excitement. Brace yourselves, folks, for a collaboration that promises to ignite the global music scene with an electrifying fusion of K-pop and the Jonas Brothers’ signature sound.

Nick Jonas to collaborate with K-pop group TXT, Netizens hail Priyanka Chopra for it 818661

Nick Jonas to collaborate with K-pop group TXT, Netizens hail Priyanka Chopra for it 818662

Netizens hail Priyanka for this

One wrote, “’K-pop superstars TOMORROW X TOGETHER have teamed up with Grammy Award-nominated powerhouse trio Jonas brothers for an epic collaboration’

‘This year, the band is making HISTORY as the first K-pop Band to headline Lollapalooza’


A second user wrote, “txt is collaborating with the jo bros and as a result nick jonas and nick is married to priyanka and priyanka is in a ton of bollywood movies one of them being my favorite dil dhadakne do which means txt have watched dil dhadakne do and love bollywood and are basically desi”

A third user wrote, “Txt collaborating with Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is a part of them, Priyanka Chopra is his wife, she is desi, IT’S A WIN FOR ME AS A DESI MOA!!!” as quoted by India Today