When it comes to South Korean music and entertainment, singer Haesoo has been one of the most loved and admired singers in the world. She has been absolutely phenomenal and wonderful in her entire career till date and well, no wonder, come what may, anything and everything that she’s done during her lifetime as an artiste has won accolades for her the right way. Right now, there’s a really sad and heartbreaking update coming from her end.

Know all details about South-Korean singer Haesoo’s demise:

As per the latest media reports in K-pop Herald, South-Korean singer Haesoo was found dead in her dormitory last week. It is reportedly suspected that she passed away by suicide as police discovered a note that is suspected to be written by her. She was reportedly 29 years old when she breathed her last. What’s sad is that the sad news of her death comes less than a month after the K-pop astro member Moonbin reportedly took his life at the mere age of just 25. For the unversed, Haesoo was all set to perform at an event as well on May 20. She was reportedly found dead on May 12, 2023. However, her demise came into light after South Korean media outlet Koreaboo reported of receiving various phone calls from organisers stating that Haesoo would not be attending the scheduled event as she’s unfortunately no more. The news had come as a shocker to her fans. During her lifetime, she was a trot singer. For those who aren’t aware about Trot, it is a popular K-pop music genre that focuses on repetitive rhythm patterns and vocal modulation. She had made her debut in 2019 and her fan base has increased to a great extent ever since then the release of her single album “My Life I Will.”. Apart from all this, she’s also appeared in many ad shows.

Well, our sincere condolences to the entire family of the lost soul and may the departed soul rest in peace. For updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com