TWICE All Dress Differently in Little Black Dresses: Checkout

TWICE is one of the most well-known bands in the entertainment industry. Each of them has a unique style, so they may all compete on their own in the fashion industry! Little black dresses are the perfect way to highlight how different each member is from the others.

See how each member appears below!

Jihyo, the leader of TWICE, has donned a range of little black gowns over the years, from sophisticated and elegant…


In her black dresses, Nayeon adores flashing her shoulders.


Jeongyeon always opts for a sophisticated appearance that highlights her beauty! Her fashionable dresses frequently make her appear princess-like.


When Momo wears black outfits, she shows off her sexual side. She frequently wears bodycon gowns that fit her voluptuous figure.


Sana is another group member who doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her curves in little black dresses, even though she frequently lives up to her-cute persona as well.


For TWICE promotions and music videos, Mina will dress a little more provocative than usual.


Dahyun looks stunning in every style, whether it be more subdued or revealing.


Chaeyoung is seldom seen wearing a simple black dress. Typically, her clothes feature a striking decoration or detail to further highlight her attractiveness.


Tzuyu, the youngest member of TWICE, frequently dons longer-length gowns to give her an elegant look, but she also looks stunning in shorter gowns on stage!

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