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Justin is one of the lovable singers of Hollywood. Take a look on his musical journey that made him what he is today.

The Incredible Music Journey of Justin Bieber

The popular Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber was born and raised up in London. He learned to play various musical instruments like piano, drums, trumpet and many more during his elementary school days. By the age of 12, he started singing and performing at various events. He won several competitions at that age. His mother, Mallette started recording and uploading the videos of his performances in order to show it to friends and relatives. Gradually, Bieber started gaining fame.

Scooter Braun, the talent manager and former marketing executive of So So Def Recordings, an American record label bumped into one of the Bieber’s video on YouTube in 2007. Then he contacted his mother and signed a contract with him. His first singles, One Time (2009) song reached number 12 in Canadian Hot 100 within a week. This marked the beginning of his music journey.

Baby (2010) boosted up his fan rate and made it popular. This song became one of the biggest hits of that year. The star came back with one after another hit songs which made everyone go crazy. He received many prestigious awards like Grammy and Billboard Music Awards several times.

He is loved by his fans even after many controversies about his personal life. He collaborated with many artists like Major Lazer, J. Balvin, Ed Sheeren and many more.

The star is still rising and shining with all the love and support that he is getting from his fans.

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