We have a soft spot in our affections for celebs. We have a weird fascination with their life. These celebrities are “America’s Darling” to us. Don’t we all want something good when we browse a mag? Kim Kardashian can’t seem to find that special person!

We do not really hold that opinion about everyone, though. Even if they are renowned, they are not immune to public disapproval. In reality, there are those celebrities who we despise for no apparent reason. At the bottom of the day, we have as much right to despise a celebrity as we have to enjoy them. Maybe it’s for fun, but most generally push us the wrong way for a reason.

Let’s find out why these American stars are on the hate list!

1. Justin Bieber

Stars are constantly bombarded with objects when performing. Soft toys, pieces of clothing, and plastic bottles are all acceptable. A fan tossed a flag at Justin as he was onstage in Argentina. Bieber threw the flag away from the stage rather than putting it up and displaying it since many performers do. This infuriated well, quite well everybody in Argentina, and it might have resulted in jail time because defaming the emblem is a felony. Bieber officially apologized, stating he mistook the flag for a t-shirt, but he was chastised for his insensitive behavior. To be fair, flinging your flag at singers isn’t exactly the politest way to handle it. This was one of the reasons to indulge Justin Bieber in the hate list.

2. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were once the hottest pair in America. The couple, who met on the sets of Twilight, split up after years of dating. The separation and the drama surrounding it quickly became media entertainment, and Stewart became the citizenry’s worst foe. After cheating on her partner Robert Pattinson with married Snow White and The Huntsman filmmaker Rupert Sanders, actress Kristen Stewart has indeed been called the “most loathed woman in Hollywood.”

3. Kim Kardashian

People can’t seem to get enough of Kim Kardashian, whether they love her or detest her. But why is this the case? She isn’t very good at singing, dancing, acting, or cooking. On the outside, Kardashian seems to have no visible ability — apart from maybe shooting selfies. So, what makes her a global superstar? She has a big rump and is definitely excellent at advertising herself, is that really all? Her detractors are driven insane by that unanswerable question. Kim Kardashian is the epitome of the “famous for being famous” celebrity cliche. And her undeserved status and wealth appear to irritate some people.

These reasons make them appear on the hate list by some public.