The vocalist, whose real name is Colson Baker, is entirely covered with ink, including a few elaborate patterns that undoubtedly required a great deal of time, patience, and discomfort to finish.

Which among the 31-year-old artist’s most notable works of ink? Tributes to his music, his hometown of Cleveland, and other meaningful figures, dates, and numerals.

Even his girlfriend Megan Fox receives a mention from him; she makes a cameo appearance on a song from his album “Tickets to My Downfall,” remarking to him, “You just got my initials tattooed on you. X I recently got a tattoo of your moniker.”

Below her collarbone, Fox has the Spanish phrase “el pistolero,” which refers to Machine Gun Kelly. It is not yet known where MGK decided to tattoo her initials in retaliation.

Discover the meanings of some of the “Bloody Valentine” singer’s most iconic tattoos below. Unlike his equally inked friend Pete Davidson, it doesn’t seem like the rapper-turned-rocker will be getting rid of his ink anytime soon.

1. MGK revealed the title of his upcoming sixth studio album, “Born With Horns,” as a tattoo on his forearm on August 9, 2021. With an identical design, Travis Barker, who created “Tickets to My Downfall” in 2020 and will also collaborate on the new project, solidified their relationship.

2. The red line, completed in April 2021, gives the impression that the rocker has had a bloody slice down his throat.

3. Kelly pays homage to his 2020 pop-punk album by getting the album’s title inscribed in Gothic script around his lower neck.

He wears a barbed wire necklace underneath that is embellished with an atom and lightning bolts.

4. When the musician was 16 years old, he “started believing in God,” and got a large tattoo of a guardian angel tattooed in the center of his chest. Kelly chose an angel wearing a tank top, baggy pants, and Chuck Taylors rather than the conventional Christ-like figure in flowing robes.

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