Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox haven’t called it quits despite breakup, also he still mentions her as his wife. Also, according to a source, “They’re doing just fine no big issues. They obviously can’t be together 24/7 both of them work and have kids, but we’re told they’re solid.”

Besides, Megan’s been posting pics on social media without Machine Gun Kelly, with their last upload together back in June – fans took his absence in the frames as a sign of them being done with each-other.

Megan also did not show up to his hometown show in Cleveland over the weekend, which fueled the breakup rumors. Also, a video was found from MGK’s Cleveland concert where he said he had a word with Megan before he got on stage, calling her his wife, which he’s said before.

The video was shared by a fan account who did not have as many followers, so it didn’t really caught the limelight. If it did, it would have laid the breakup rumors to rest.

MGK kept talking about his wife Megan. Also, Earlier in the show he was seen getting so angry, that he smashed a wine glass on his face, creating a bloody mess.

As of now, the breakup rumors don’t seem to have a hold and let’s hope for the best. Let us know your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to