Megan Fox is a popular actress in Hollywood. There are some interesting facts unknown to many fans; let's check out

Interesting Lesser Known Facts About “Attractive Girl” Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a popular and attractive American actress. She started her acting career in 2001 with small roles in various television shows. And she rose to fame in 2007 with her breakout role in the Transformers film series. Megan featured in other films, such as Jennifer’s Body and This Is 40. Fox is acclaimed for her striking beauty and s*x appeal. She is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

1) Megan Fox is all glam and chic. The diva kept it high and glamorous even during her delivery. And reportedly, she blow-dried her hair before leaving for a hospital. In addition, she was decked in makeup before giving birth.

2) Everyone goes through tough times, and we do weird stuff we don’t want during that time. And so Megan Fox worked many weird jobs to earn money. She even worked as a dancer out of the roadside business wearing bananas as a dress.

3) Megan Fox had a tough time during her schooling. The diva spoke about it several times in interviews. She is attractive now, but at school, other children bullied her.

4) The thing people might think she is weak for is her superpower. And talking about it in the interview, she revealed, “Invisibility… It’s how you gain the most advantage in practical situations. I would also need super strength, but that’s a given.”

5) Oddly, Michael Bay asked Megan Fox to gain weight to get work in the Hollywood industry. However, as per reports, she was sent back to gain weight on her first day of the shoot as she was very thin.

6) Megan Fox was boycotted for the reason of being very attractive. Though you might find it weird, it’s true. Men’s magazine boycotted Megan Fox with the slogan “A Day Without Megan Fox.”

7) Britney Spears helped Megan Fox through her difficult times. And in the same matter revealed that “I know for a fact it’s not in my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album, so I always put that on when I’m flying.”

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Source: TheThings