Check out these 7 Megan Fox's designer gowns.

7 Megan Fox Roars Like A Queen In Designer Gowns

Megan Fox is 36 now and making it the perfect time to reflect on her enduringly distinctive red carpet attire. Remember her “naked” Mugler dress from the 2021 VMAs? She has a strong preference for bodycon silhouettes, sensual slits, and eye-catching outfits. She’s been a red carpet siren for over a decade, so this is nothing new for her.

Megan Fox has been acting since she was a kid, but her breakthrough came when she landed a major role in 2007’s Transformers. Looking back at Fox’s outfit selections from this time period, it is evident that her gothic aesthetic has always been there and thriving. She chose, for instance, a slinky, one-shouldered Roberto Cavalli dress with a circular cutout at the hips for the Transformers 2 premiere in 2009. Her one-shoulder Donna Karan gown from the same year, which had tasteful drapery, was equally striking.

Megan Fox has only continued to explore form-fitting designs that find the perfect mix between timelessness and avant-garde design in the years thereafter. She has leaned toward the latter group together with her new fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. At the Dolce & Gabbana menswear show earlier this year, Fox matched Kelly’s crystal-embellished suit with a lace camisole and lace-up pants. The internet was buzzing over Fox’s provocative Mugler gown with full-frontal cutouts at the 2017 Billboard Awards. In a subdued black suit, Kelly let her beauty show.

Megan Fox’s early preference for glitzy costumes has never vanished, even if she now favors more edgy looks, in part because of her stylist Maeve Reilly. She rocked a red lace-up Dundas gown with a plunging neckline at the 2021 Met Gala like no one else could. Fox always arrives at any occasion or function with a thoroughly dedicated style that screams s*x appeal. She continues to be one of Hollywood’s best-dressed vixens just for that reason.

Here are some of her best Designer Gowns.

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