Check out Megan Fox's refusal to work in Angelina Jolie's movie to protect her reputation; read more.

Why Did Megan Fox Reject The Opportunity To Work On Angelina Jolie’s Movie? Read!

Actress Megan Fox has been referred to as “controversy’s child.” The alluring actor has consistently drawn attention for her taste in movies, relationships, and opinions on various topics, such as body image and beauty standards. After beginning her career as a child star, Fox made her big break in the movie Transformers with Shia LeBoeuf, catapulting her into the spotlight. However, the performer was later fired from the other sequels after the first two films because of her remarks about filmmaker Michael Bay, whom she compared to Hitler.

Afterward, Megan Fox appeared in popular movies like the horror picture Jennifer’s Body, the comedy How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and the TV program New Girl. But, the model-turned-actor has also turned down significant opportunities that came her way for various reasons.

Megan Fox Refused To Work In Angelina Jolie’s Movie

One of the high-profile movies that actor Megan Fox turned down was Tomb Raider, a remake of Angelina Jolie’s 2001 action movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In the end, Alicia Vikander won the part, and the movie grossed about 277 million dollars worldwide, which was a modest box office hit. However, the critics also praised the movie. It was a brave move on the actor’s part to reject a property that had been hugely popular, first as a video game and then as a film, even if Megan Fox didn’t miss out on a huge blockbuster. Yet the New Girl actress was clear that her reasons for passing on the project had nothing to do with the script.

Megan Fox Avoided Being Compared With Angelina Jolie

Even though Megan Fox was the top candidate for the role, she was adamant that she would not participate in Tomb Raider. The Transformers actor claimed that Angelina Jolie, the movie’s initial star, was responsible for this choice.

According to a close source of the actor, Megan Fox publicly acknowledged that she has frequently been likened to the Maleficent actress in terms of her physical appearance. However, she continued by stating that she saw herself as entirely distinct from Jolie regarding her acting ability and film preferences and wished to be recognized as a singular performer who has found her niche. Tomb Raider would consequently not grant her that place without consideration. She continued by saying that comparing herself to Angelina Jolie wasn’t fair or accurate.

Source – Fandomwire

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