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Adnan Sami is one of the most loved singers of Bollywood and this Lift Kara De singer has given us numerous peppy songs to cherish.

The musical journey of Adnan Sami

Whenever we go think of our all time favorite pop songs or other songs of 90s, the name Adnan Sami comes to mind and we are instantly nostalgic! Adnan Sami’s songs were a total rage back in the 90s era and are famous till date. To become one of the most loved singers of Bollywood, Adnan Sami had faced quite a lot of ups and downs, but as we can all see, he has come through it. He had to struggle to get Indian citizenship for 17 years. He faced opposition both on social media and outside it, on both sides of the border and found it absolutely tough to break through the ordeal, but something inside him kept him focused and determined to keep trying for it.
The musical journey of Adnan Sami
Born in London, he had rendezvous with both Western and Indian music and it is quite evident from his music. It has helped him create his own style and this very style was what stormed right through Bollywood and pop-culture in India. He has struck a balance of the two ends of the world, and incorporated both the guitar and the tabla in his music.
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He calls his music “World Music”, that stretches from East to West and is influenced from many cultures. Love is the core theme in most of his songs and Adnan Sami never fails to express it with his voice either. To him, music is the portal through space and time, helping individuals explore and relive the magic of tunes. Just as he explored different cultures of the world, his music has also seems to traverse realms. It lends that much needed essence to his music that makes it so cherishable and eternal to the million of fans he has won over, in the past few years.

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