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Lets see how a engineer turned musician gained so much fame in Bollywood.

The rise of Rapper Badshah on the Indian Music Scene

Hip hop songs are tremendously increasing in Bollywood. Hip hop, also popularly known has RAPPING. Youths are attracted to rap songs. Today most of songs are incomplete without RAP. Indian music has given some best Rappers. Today will talk about Indian best Rapper BADSHAH.
Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, a Rapper, singer, music producer, and professionally known by his stage name Badshah.

Badshah is an engineer who switched his profession to become a rapper. And today in Bollywood music industry Badshah is known as a top rapper. His debut song was “Dj wale babu” was ranked number one within Indian I-tunes charts within 24 hours of posting his video on YouTube, Badshah broke a record even Taylor Swift “couldn’t touch”.

After his debut song, Badshah has given many hits songs in Bollywood industry, Badshah had given hit songs in Bollywood movies like “Saturday Saturday”, “Selfie Le Le Re”, “Abhi Toh Party” , “Kala chasma” and much more. Badshah is famous for his party rap songs.

Badshah is increasing is hit songs in Bollywood music. He says that “I’ve made so many songs before that nobody cared to listen to, but as soon as they featured in films (they became more popular). I made ‘…chull’, it was a hit but in a limited way, but now it is the biggest track of this year This happens because Bollywood gives you a bigger platform. It helps you in making your reach wider,” said Badshah.

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